Data science is the field of Computer Science which deals with predicting those values which would otherwise remain unknown to any layman. Data science allows us to use advanced algorithms and utilize them in order to predict values that lie in either numerical bounds or in textual form. You may have heard or seen Data science being used to in a lot of applications that youv’e come across. Perhaps to recognize your speech when you talk to Siri or tell a verbally commanded virtual agent to give you access by speaking your password into your phone. Or you may have even been like one of us, and used regression techniques to estimate house prices in texas, which is the more obscure out of the three. When I think of applications of Data science, it does not take me long to think up of one.

What is data science compared to? Well, to first answer that question. The field of computer science is inspired by a lot of other fields of study. For example, we have our own study of genes in the field Bioinformatics which has been inspired by biology, life sciences, and medicine. Similarly, it would be right to say that the field of Data Science is heavily inspired by the field of Economics and Mathematics. Like Iv’e already used the term regression, you may have heard of it if you are a student studying Mathematics. It should be known, that the average person benefits greatly from a thing such as Data science.

A Data scientist is someone who works in data science, and is able to harness the the power of Data Science in order to help analyze data that previously wasn’t legible to make sense out of. Every IT related company now comes with a Data scientist and a field of service in Data Science. That is because Data Science is now heavily being used for a lot of things. Not only is this essential to have in a softwarehouse, but since the demand for Data Science is increasing so greatly, now as a Data scientist, you can make a lot of good money too. Data scientists are so in vogue in fact, that they are making over $100K in the West.

Data scientists are not a group of elusive individuals who garner skills to predict the future through magic, but they are people like you and me who have studied computer science in university. Data scientists help the world to have a better future, and move businesses in the direction that they need to go in to grow.

Data science has helped people do wonders, it has enabled us to talk to our phones and have them talk back to us after understanding our speech. It has enabled great cures in medicine in cancer research and terminal illnesses. Data science is not a thing that should be taken lightly, if you use it wisely, you can wield great power. It is through Data science that we find out more about ourselves and the world around us.Data science continues to evolve and widen it’s scope and become a tool widely used in other applications as well. Let’s delve deeper into what exactly is Data science .

How do you know what is data science? If you need a vague idea of it, is mathematical models that have been taken inspiration from, and manifested as computer programs. Regression is a tool used mainly in economics and mathematics. The same model has been reworked into a computer program to be used to find out numerical values of things. From a simple one line formula, computer scientists have transformed it into a single node to be attached in a knime application to find out the best price of your next burger meal.

If any of you ever wonder about data science, then know that it is simply a bunch of formulas that have been carried over to the field of computer science and manipulated to appear in the form of code and programs. That is known as what is data science.

Have you ever wondered, What is data science to the common folk? It is your everday applications, things like music players and virutal agents you put on your side-table, like Google Home. Simply put, it is the way we shake hands with the future.

Now, if you have a business, then a good question to ask is; What is data science to an entrepreneur? To an entrepreneur it is the use of scientific methods to help improve their businesses. Data science has been known for being the first resort to improve business processes when you don’t know where to turn. Don’t know why you don’t have business continuity? Simple! Turn to data science.

Data science has algorithms such as Naive Bayes that is a generative classifier, useful for when you want to classify an unknown category. Data science also has algorithms where you can predict numerical values using discriminative classifiers . These are used when instead of a category, youv’e got a number you want to estimate or predict.

Data science probably seems like a relatively new field, but it is something that’s been around for quite a while. Data science is like the tool you never knew you wanted, but the tool that you’ll always use.Data science has been helping companies for years to become better at what they do. Data science is not only used by little companies looking to grow their business, but large enterprises looking to steer their company in the right direction.

Data scientists are nothing like other scientists. Instead of studying biology and physics and bending over a test tube container like those who study cells in a lab. Data scientists are individuals who have studied the works of maths and computer’s to harness the power of data that has not been utilized in the best way. What I mean by that is, that raw data is always a pain to organise, but if you do put it in neat columns and then apply algorithms on it, then you can reveal a myriad of things that you didn’t know before. Data scientists are always concerned about finding the right answer. That is why accuracy matters a lot to a Data scientist. In the field of machine learning, the Data scientist is the one who meticulously places each node in a knime application to receive an accuracy of the results that can be closest to the best possible accuracy received on any model, which would be 100%. Data scientists are not a rare commodity, but a growing group of people out there to help the world inch closer to success.

Data scientists tamper with the present and the future and predict unforseen values with the casual flick of a button. It’s so easy to get an answer out of Data Science. Data scientists are very much like fortune-tellers, except for their predictions usually are based in science, and they don’t have crystal balls that they gaze into and consult on a daily basis. Data scientists are the wave of the future.The way a Data scientist sees world, they always want to quantify the inchoate, they always want to put a value to those things that would otherwise remain untangible. Data scientists should be thanked for their work in society as people who have manifested something out of nothing but past records. Data scientists are important people in today’s society. Half the breakthroughs we make it’s because of data scientist working somewhere to predict values. A Data scientists job is not only to predict the future based on facts, but also to carry out the acquired information in order to steer an organisation towards growth and success.

What is data science if not for mathematical models? It is nothing. It is primarily that. What is data science required to do? Make an educated guess on what the next move will be. What is data science going to be like in the near future? It will be a plethora of even more mathematical models and statistics, and a new arsenal of tools will join the ranks of models like Classification Trees and Naive Bayes.

Now that we have disucssed with you extensively, “What is data science useful for”? You should be on your way to using it to better your own business. Always consult a data scientist if you want growth in your business. And look at Data science as a tool to help you better inform yourself about what move you should take next.

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