Data Science Services

What's your strategy with data?

Do you have a clear-cut strategy with how your data is being used? Do you know exactly which data is being used where? Make the most out of your data with our must-have technologies.

We can develop your data.

Whether it's visualizations, modeling, ETL, or cleaning and pre-processing. We can manipulate your data to best suit your needs and requirements, and get you those results you are after.

Data Science related consultancy

We can get you the correct data that would best benefit your company through sophisticated data scraping technologies, and make sure that the data you have in store to be used for analyzing, is the correct set of materials you need to get the best results.

Our Data Science Services

Demand Analysis

Through Linear Regression we obtain techniques such as Demand Analysis. This can be used to predict the number of items which a consumer will probably purchase. Furthermore, Insurance companies heavily rely on regression analysis to estimate the credit standing of policyholders and a possible number of claims in a given time period.

Sentiment Analysis

Logistic Regression is used heavily in areas of application such as Image Segmentation and Categorization, Geographic Image Processing and Handwriting recognition. Fun fact, obscure uses include running sentiment analysis on a person and determining whether or not they are depressed.

Image Processing

LDA is used In bankruptcy prediction. LDA was the first statistical method applied to systematically explain which firms entered bankruptcy versus which ones survived. It is also used in Face recognition in the field of Image Processing.

Customer persona prediction

Trees are used to classify and estimate numerical values, they can be used to predict weather patterns to predict which weather is oncoming next, and can be used to predict customer's personas.

Machine Learning

Applications where Machine Learning is used heavily, include Virtual Agents and Personal Assistants. You may have used Alexa, Siri, or Google Home before. These products are there to help you with your daily tasks, but also use Machine Learning to build their vocabulary and learn how to interact with you better everyday.

Data modeling

Have your data modeled by one of the top Data Science companies.

Data processing

Call us to analyze your data and show your patterns in it you didn't see before.

Data Warehousing

Archive your data to be used at a moment's notice.

If you have any data-driven queries, please don't hesitate to call us.

What you will acquire

Data Cleansing

You will acquire cleaned and ready to process data. Once you give us your raw data we will go through the strenous process of doing Extract-Transform-Load on it, and return it to you in order for it to be processed however you want it. This will make the results you gather through it more accurate.

Data Modeling

We will create models for your data to run algorithms on, and make it easy for you by provind a system or full results on whatever category or numerical value you want predicted.

Data Visualizations

We will create informative visualizations for your data which will enable you to extract insight from them to improve your business processes. We will visually represent your processed data models and information in a way that is easy to understand and take note from.

Data Entry

You will receive a loaded application with your choice of data. No need to add records, just leave importing data to us and work on putting it to good use.

Data Analytics

Receive insight on your data. You will get patterns that were not before seen in your data to the naked eye, and you will receive insight on what move to make next.

Data warehousing

Have custom made data warehouses prepared for your database. Archive all the data that was previously floating around in obscure places, and have it in one place.

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