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In the world of IT, there are many different facets and fields that are present today. We provide you with expertise ranging from mobile and web development to Search Engine Optimization and Software Engineering. We are the one stop solution for all your development needs.

Why use our services?

In today’s era of technology, there is not a single business that wants to further it’s reach to more audiences and does not have an online presence, our mobile and app developers work tirelessly to help create an online platform for you that you are excited to market. This online platform serves as a hub for all your sales and serves it’s function for creating awareness about your brand. Join the ranks of people who have acquired successful and reliable websites for their brands through our services.

Our Portfolio

Activity Buddies

Have you ever had the craving to find a buddy to go out with you to the movies? Play a game of chess with? Or have spar with in a basketball court? Look no further, Activity Buddies is an app that allows you to find likeminded people near you to do all sorts of activities with.


Awake On Purpose is a producitivity app that allows you to take control of your time, and wake up to a beautiful slideshow or video created by yourself using components provided by the app. Awake On Purpose is a great way to map your time and organize how you spend it.

Barbela Design

Barbela Designs is an ecommerce website where you can shop for stunning jewelry at the click of a button. It serves as a platform for selling all the jewelry created by Barbela Designs. All the pieces are made in America. Snag a bracelet today to cherish for years, after all, diamonds are forever.

Chatty CRM

ChattyCRM is a Customer Relationship Management System. Created to help organize records of customers and sales. Gone are the days when companies used antiquated and tedious paper based systems, switch your company to using an online CRM too!

Iconix 360

This web app served its purpose as a platform to inform it’s clients about the current situation of the stock market. It functions as a trading site and an investing platform for those who are looking to increase their financial assets.


Micharity is an app that is designed to be a platform where people who are looking for donations can raise funds. This app allows you to raise funds for any kind of activity. And is fueled by thoughtful people around the world.

Rax Medical

Rax Medical is an online outlet for buying fertility and family-planning gadgets. They aid you in your pregnancy. Especially created for those women who have fertility issues. It also provides you with an organized way of planning out your cycle. Every woman needs one, It will change your marriage for the better.

Sport Social

Sport social is an app that allows you to find out where the nearest sports games are taking place around you. It allows you to check out the nearest matches between teams, and participate in them yourself. Next time you’re craving for match, use Sports Social to help you find out where one is happening near you.

Xamarin App

This app was created to serve as an inventory management app. This app improves the business process in the supply chain department of the company. Developed using xamarin, the app also serves as a platform for a medical instruments manufacturing company.

Yiwu MRK

Yiwu is an app that allows you to track your expenses and inventory. And organizes your finances. Yiwu MRK was created to observe the marketplace in Yiwu. The app is replete with all the the latest in fintech technologies, and is sure to help you turn over a profit.

What you will acquire


You will acquire a state of the art piece of software that functions reliably and efficiently, and delivers to you exactly what you ask of it. Created through agile or regular development.

Mobile Application

Have an exciting and fully functional mobile application created for you that taps into the market of people who love being on the go.


Have your own website created by our full stack developers, who procure your website through only the best and latest practices in web design and development.

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